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COVID-19 took longer to reach Haiti than many European countries, but it is now there and is spreading. Since the pandemic began, we have been working closely with our partner hospital to prepare. With our COVID response now in full swing, we must ask you to help us fund this vital through this emergency appeal.

All HHA and hospital staff have worked tirelessly, earning hospital HCBH recognition from WHO and accreditation as one of Haiti’s COVID centres. Every person entering the hospital is screened for symptoms (12,000 in the first month alone) and an isolation ward has been accepting patients since June with safety procedures in place to protect staff and visitors. Each bed has its own oxygen concentrator allowing patients to receive as much oxygen as they need without the need for regular purchasing of bottled oxygen. 

Alongside the danger of the virus itself, there remains a huge risk to public health from reduced access to core health services like maternity and neonatal care. With many scared of catching the disease in hospital, we are concerned that years of health development could be undone, so we’re ensuring our partner hospital can remain safely open to birthing mothers and sick babies throughout the pandemic.

We are asking you to support our emergency appeal through donations, fundraising or prayer. The estimated cost of our COVID response is at least £60,000 giving us no choice but to ask all friends and partners to stand with us as we support Haiti’s own heroes in their COVID battle.




HHA’s COVID Response

Our response to the crisis in Haiti has been three fold:

  1. Screen every person entering the hospital for COVID symptoms - This, not only, helps to protect the main hospital site from the spread of infection, but also helps us assess the scale of the problem locally, in a country with minimal formal testing.
  2. Create and resource a COVID isolation ward - Using the hospital's sports centre, an isolation ward capable of accommodating 20 patients has been set up with oxygen concentrators and virtual consultation facilities.
  3. Scale up our community health activity to better educate local people on reducing the spread of infection and where to access healthcare.

Ensuring core hospital services for birthing mothers and sick babies remain open and safely accessible has been a priority throughout. HHA has spent the last decade working hard to improve maternal healthcare, but there is a real danger that this pandemic could undo much of that work with faith in formal medical care reducing. By maintaining safe access to our live-saving facilities, and working in the community to better educate people about the virus and how to control it, we hope to minimise the impact of COVID-19 in North Haiti. 

Please consider making a donation to the appeal to support Haiti’s heroes. If you can’t donate, but want to support then taking on a personal fundraising challenge can raise a significant amount. It’s easy to set up an online page through JustGiving, and if you need inspiration for an idea then read our latest newsletter highlighting some special people who took part in The 2.6 Challenge earlier this year.


Appeal Film (Downloadable)

Video tour of COVID Isolation Ward

Sermon outline - Generosity & Equality