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Imagine constantly living in fear.

Your village is being destroyed by fighting. You can hear gunfire day and night. In order to live, you must escape quickly, fleeing your home and the places you love.

This is the reality thousands of people in South Sudan face every day.

Since 2013, the conflict in South Sudan has claimed thousands of lives and forced 4.2 million people out of the country to refugee camps across Africa.

Hope Health Action invite you to experience BidiBidi, the largest refugee camp in East Africa and home to over 230,000 refugees. Experience this immersive, walk-through exhibition and hear real-life stories from those who made the journey and currently live in the camp. Each story is different, but their feelings of fear, confusion, loss and hope are universal.

Join us this Refugee Week and hear from those who made this desperate journey to safety.


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Date: 14th - 20th June
West Wickham, Bromley

Contact: Sarah-Lynne Rand, Fundraising and Communications Manager

020 8462 5256