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Hope Health Action's refugee response in Uganda has been changing the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable since 2016.

With food insecurity increasing and ongoing challenges for those with disabilities to access basic services, we need your help more than ever to reach the most vulnerable refugees. Working across one of the largest refugee settlements in the world and the surrounding area, our Community Based Rehabilitation workers (CBRs) ensure the most marginalised in their community can access disability and nutrition support.

Help us to run this vital service by donating to our ‘Empowering Change’ appeal.


Our CBRs are a dedicated and talented team, many of whom are refugees themselves. They are the driving force behind our work in BidiBidi, Palorinya and beyond with an unrivalled knowledge of their community and the needs of persons with disabilities living there. 

The CBR’s develop enduring, personal relationships with individuals through household visits and patient assessments. They provide education and refer individuals to our projects, including the wheelchair distributions and the provision of artificial limbs at New Hope Rehabilitation Centre and opportunities to participate in nutrition and agriculture projects.

In just 3 months, our CBR’s have helped over 250 individuals receive wheelchairs and prosthetic devices and identified over 5,000 individuals to join our current nutrition and agriculture programme. With over 246,000 refugees living in BidiBidi settlement alone, we can do so much more.

Hear from 2 members of our CBR team about how their work is changing lives in the short film below. 

We need your help.

Uganda continues to experience the largest refugee crisis in Africa. There are significant challenges in the refugee settlements, including access to health and disability care and food aid.  We are working to address these issues but we need your help. 

Donating to our 'Empowering Change' appeal will ensure our CBR team can reach the most vulnerable refugees, enabling access to disability and nutrition support in 2022 and beyond.




Our CBR team has the overall goal of promoting and protecting the human rights of people with disabilities, challenging the negative perceptions and stigmas against them and empowering change for individuals and communities alike. We are passionate about empowering positive, sustainable change for the most vulnerable individuals and communities through our projects in Palorinya, Mijale and BidiBidi - one of the largest settlements in the world and home to over 246,000 refugees.

Our work includes focused health and disability programmes, emergency food distributions, and agriculture and livelihood projects. 

New Hope Rehabilitation Centre

Individuals with disabilities are among the most vulnerable in a refugee crisis. Without wheelchairs, their access to key services including education or health is limited.

In partnership with SwissLimbs, HHA opened New Hope Rehabilitation Centre in December 2021.

The centre offers outpatient services including wheelchair provision with our partners Walkabout Foundation, physiotherapy, prosthetic and orthotic devices and community based rehabilitation services to thousands of individuals a year.

Our goal is to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to maximise their abilities, gain access to services and opportunities and to become active members of their community, empowering them with the ability to change their futures. 

Nutrition & Agriculture projects

The majority of refugees in Uganda live on less than 2,000 UGX a day ($0.50) making them reliant on food aid, yet monthly rations typically only last up to 14 days of a month.

The agriculture sector is hindered from its full potential due to insecurity over land ownership, climate conditions and lack of education for farmers.

During 2022, we will be providing emergency food aid and agriculture livelihood support across four settlement areas, providing tools, seeds and training to 1,100 refugee households. 

Our goal is to empower vulnerable households to grow their own food and sell produce to create a sustainable source of income.

By donating to this appeal, you can empower our team of CBR workers to reach more people with disabilities and ensure the most marginalised in their community can access disability and nutrition support.

Stories from our CBR workers

Our CBR team spend the majority of their time in BidiBidi refugee settlement, home to over 240,000 refugees who have fled the conflict in South Sudan. These are just two examples of vulnerable lives transformed by our CBR team. Your donations can help us reach more.

Empowering Benjamin  

Benjamin is a 15-year old boy from Uganda. He has cerebral palsy and has never been able to walk. He would have to crawl on his hands and knees or his mother would carry him on her back to get around. 

In January, he received his first-ever wheelchair which allows him to finally move around independently. He hopes to go to school and be able to join in with his community! Benjamin’s life has been dramatically improved and he has a brighter future ahead of him.


Empowering Molu and his family

Molu and his family are refugees from South Sudan who fled to Uganda due to the war. They took part in a previous HHA agriculture and livelihoods project in 2020.

As a result, they  produced a successful harvest. Alongside having more food for themselves, they were able to sell produce that earnt them enough money to buy 5 iron sheets, to aid building their new home. They were also able to buy a goat for ongoing livelihood purposes.