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this summer, we need your help to provide new solar panels at our haiti hospital


This appeal will help HHA to alleviate the risks presented by current and future fuel crises, reduce fuel costs and help the environment.  


New fuel crisis: 

On-going instability in Haiti’s capital has proved a constant challenge in 2022.  But, in the last few weeks it has caused a new critical fuel shortage leaving health facilities at risk of reducing services or closing.  At some points in July, our partner hospital was at risk of closing, with only 2 days of fuel remaining before an emergency supply arrived. We want to reduce the risk of this happening again. 


Rising fuel costs: 

We’ve all felt the squeeze of rising fuel costs this year. In Haiti, poor government electricity makes hospitals reliant on fuel run generators.  Our existing solar system doesn't have the capacity to to support the entire hospital, so we still need to use our fuel generators for power. HCBH has spent \$65,000 on fuel in the last year (85% over budget)!  


Climate change: 

With the UK recently recording its hottest day on record, we’re all aware of the growing risks of climate change. Increasing our solar capability supports HHAs longer term commitment to become more environmentally sustainable, lowering harmful fuel emissions from generators and reducing our carbon footprint.


We have launched this appeal to raise £7,000 towards improving the hospital's offgrid capacity, including buying and installing 20 additional solar panels. 



 20 solar panels would be enough to help run Maison de Benediction or the Rehabilitation Unit during daylight hours.  Every additional hour we can run on solar will help save fuel and minimise the risks posed to the hospital in the event of future fuel shortages,



A regular supply of fuel has remained a constant challenge this year but in the last few weeks, HHA has had to navigate a new and more critical national fuel crisis in Haiti.

During the 2021 crisis, HCBH was, at one point, 18 hours away from closure. The current crisis put the hospital at risk once again; in July, we only had 2 days of fuel remaining.

Thankfully, an emergency supply reached HCBH in time to avoid departments closing or reducing services. But we need to mitigate this risk.

In 2021, Haiti faced several critical national fuel shortages due to the instability in Port-au-Prince (Haiti’s capital) which crippled the economy and healthcare system. Many facilities had to close, heavily impacting the already limited healthcare available in the country.  

HHA’s investment in solar power over recent years - thanks to you, our supporters - and round the clock work by our dedicated team meant that HCBH, our partner hospital in Haiti, is one few health facilities in northern Haiti that has remained completely open during the last year of crises, whilst also taking in patients from other facilities that were forced to close.   

Over the last few years we’ve been working hard to further improve the hospital's solar system to mitigate the crippling rise in fuel costs that have a significant impact on the hospital's financial stability. Thanks to a long-term supporter, we introduced a new power cube that includes high energy batteries and inverters to support the hospital's off grid capacity. Whilst this is a huge step forward, the system still doesn’t have the capacity to support the full power demands of all services and we remain reliant on fuel. 

There is more we can do in the future to reduce our reliance on fuel, to ensure the HCBH can survive current and future fuel shortages and to reduce HCBHs carbon footprint long term. Increasing solar capacity and installing a second power cube to meet full power needs of the hospital is part of our strategy, but we need your help to achieve this. 

Whether you’re able to make a contribution to one solar panel or are able to consider a larger donation towards our long-term goals , your support can make a real difference this summer.



Hear from Phil, one of our long term volunteers in Haiti, about why this appeal is so important in this short film.


Haiti Solar Appeal from Hope Health Action on Vimeo.