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Happy Christmas & New Year

On behalf of everyone at HHA we'd like to wish you a very happy Christmas and blessed New Year.  2019 has been one of our hardest years, whether through the political instability and fuel crisis in Haiti bringing the country to a standstill for months at a time; the on-going war in South Sudan, or our own more personal challenges at home like the tragic loss of Carwyn & Reninca's son Noah.  Yet, within all these circumstances, our supporters have remained so loving and generous ensuring that even in the hardest times we could bring hope to many.  

At our staff Christmas party on Friday we reflected on some of the highlights, of which there are many!  Whether it be back in January 2019 seeing a 20ft HHA Container arrive in Haiti full of life-saving equipment, solar upgrades and the hospitals first medical incinerator.  Through a number of dedicated volunteers, that incinerator is now up and running and being managed locally by our Haiti team.

An incinerator doesn't always seem like an exciting development, but it's one of those critical services in a hospital which will significantly improve the hospitals foundations to provide better care.  Along with that, we've increased the hospitals solar capacity, got a new generator, and got our own water purification systems producing drinkable water on site.  

Beyond the infrastructural improvements, like any year, we've invested heavily in building local capacity and been blessed with amazing doctors, nurses and other volunteers traveling to Haiti to equip and empower local staff.  This has further enabled our amazing local Haitian team to continue providing the life-saving care they do to thousands of patients and this year we celebrated 10 years of our disability work.

In East Africa we've helped distribute more life-transforming wheelchairs, completed the CRADLE project in two refugee settlements, and are close to completing 3 new classrooms for a school with a high number of displaced South Sudanese children as part of our emergency refugee response.

We've equipped and empowered 100 vulnerable families, most with disabilities, with the skills to produce their own harvest and tackle severe food insecurity.  And, in the last months we've returned back to South Sudan (the first time since 2017) and are excited for our 2020 South Sudan vision (more news on that soon)!  It's going to be a busy year and in January and February alone we have over 300 wheelchairs and tricycles to fit for refugees in Uganda; and thanks to Edesia, will have 2,000 cartons of Plumpy'Nut arriving to treat severe and acute malnutrition. 

All this has only been made possible thanks to you, our supporters, and this year we've had some truly incredible support.  Whether it be the National 3 Sleeps Challenge team or Theo's crazy 100 mile wheelbarrow race we are so grateful for everyone who's gone that extra mile.  Perhaps you could do a fundraiser for us in 2020 to raise money for the work?

The above are just some of the examples of how your support has transformed lives in 2019.  Whilst our UK office will be closing for Christmas in the next few days, the work overseas will continue.  

Even today, this little fighter battles on in our partner Neonatal Unit.  Born prematurely at 31 weeks in an area with no neonatal care, this baby arrived with sepsis and jaundice and had a slim chance of survival.  Thanks to the hard work of our local team, the baby was offered phototherapy, a blood transfusion, antibiotics and much more.  The little one is now doing well and will remain in the Neonatal Unit for some more time to gain further weight and strength before heading home in the new year.  There will be many other patients being offered life-saving care this Christmas and we'd value your prayers for all our staff who'll be working over the festive season.  If you've not yet seen our Christmas film that focuses on our Neonatal work, please do watch below.

So, whatever 2019 has thrown at you, the mountain highs and the valley lows, we hope you'll gain some joy this Christmas at the hope you've provided to some of the worlds most vulnerable.  We're so grateful for your incredible support this year and look forward to 2020 where we have some exciting and ambitious plans to launch.  But before then, on behalf of our team in Haiti, Uganda, South Sudan, US and UK...we wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas and New Year.

If you've not donated to our Christmas Appeal yet, please consider making a donation today.  

It's not to late to play this film at a Christmas event either or share with friends and family!  Thank you.

Haiti in Crisis - A hope for safe births this Christmas from Hope Health Action on Vimeo.