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Children with disabilities in Haiti can be written off by society as worthless, with many abandoned by desperate parents unable to cope financially and emotionally. It’s a sad reality, one that we’re passionate about changing. The ‘Maison de Benediction’ opened in 2009 and is a pioneering programme that works with families to provide the support they need to stay together. Our respite home provides 25 places for children with a wide range of disabilities to come and stay for part of the week. During this time, they take part in a range of activities and treatments to aid their physical and emotional development while their parents have more time to work and earn money for their family.


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Every child who attends the ‘Maison’ is regularly assessed so that their specific needs can be met. This assessment spans their physical, nutritional and emotional needs, as well as the needs of their family to better care for the child at home. 

Many children have severe disabilities, meaning their mobility is limited, so we have regular deliveries of wheelchairs which are then professionally adapted to each child. Physiotherapists work with the children and staff to set appropriate development goals such as walking and eating independently or even learning to hold a pencil.  

Nutrition is also very important with many children living in extreme poverty and first arriving at the ‘Maison’ malnourished. The staff make sure every child follows a nutritional programme to maintain their health and aid their physical development. 

The ‘Maison’ is also as much about enjoying life. The days are filled with playtime, singing and dancing. When you visit the children you are likely to see happy faces enjoying a song, playing along with instruments. This enrichment of their lives through positive interaction is so important for their wellbeing and a key part of life at the Maison.




It is no exaggeration to say that the Beni sponsors that have supported the project over the years have transformed the lives of so many children and their families. Children who arrived severely malnourished and unable to walk and talk, have developed into confident, happy children with some even going on to attend mainstream schools.

But with rising costs in Haiti, and so many more children who need our help, we need more sponsors to maintain and grow this vital programme. 

Your sponsorship of £15 a month, or as much as you can afford, will help us achieve these goals:

  • Offer more places for families struggling to care for their disabled child.
  • Develop a specific programme for teenage children to better care for their changing needs.
  • Employ a dedicated Physiotherapist, who is so vital for the children’s physical development.


2019 was the Maison’s 10 year anniversary and we need your help more than ever to maintain and develop this pioneering programme. 

Just £15 a month will help more children with disabilities stay with their families, receive the medical support they need, and have the chance to flourish. 

 The Maison’s motto is ‘Disability is not inability’ and we work every day to show that is 100% true. Be part of the special group who makes this happen and become a Beni Sponsor by starting a regular gift today.

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