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Gaining the independence they deserve

Did you know that Uganda currently host the largest refugee and asylum-seeker crisis in Africa? Refugees with disabilities are among the most vulnerable individuals in a refugee crisis.

This month, HHA, along with the incredible distribution team at Through The Roof, have started a distribution of 135 wheelchairs and other walking aids to beneficiaries in Bidibidi refugee camp in Uganda (one of the largest refugee settlements in the world with around 300,000 people). This life-changing distribution will continue every Monday and Tuesday until 16th March.

We have been truly humbled by the inspiring stories that we have heard, and know that your donations have truly changed the lives of many. Read some of our latest beneficiary stories here:

Beneficiary Story 1:

This is young chap, 15, with his father, 58, are Ugandans from Yumbe District. He was born with the disability and the doctors have not been able to diagnose his condition. He has five siblings and it is a struggle to get by at home. He goes to primary school, grade 6 and was using a bamboo stick to move around, which was uncomfortable and made his movement slow.  Now he is really happy to be sat comfortably and that he’ll be able to go to school and get there on time!

Beneficiary Story 2:

After contracting polio at 4 years old and growing up without any support, this lady's mobility has slowly been getting worse over the years. She arrived at Bidibidi in 2016 after fleeing the violence in South Sudan, and her children struggled to move her over the border. She said she lost all hope, but is now extremely grateful to have a functioning wheelchair: "I want to appreciate the organization who has helped me now with the wheelchair, may God bless them abundantly."

Beneficiary Story 3:

This South Sudanese refugee has been living in BidiBidi refugee camp for a number of years. Before, it was a struggle for her to move around without any mobility aids. Now she says she’ll be able to go a far distance to get to the hospital, to church and to collect her food rations. "Thank you so much, may God bless you"

Beneficiary Story 4:

Being born with a disability, the doctors said that this woman contracted polio, but she never got a full diagnosis. When she was younger, her parents tried to take her for treatment but it had little effect. For a while she was able to use crutches and move about relatively freely but her legs progressively became more and more paralysed and when she was 20, she was unable to walk. She faced a lot of challenges because of her disability. She never married and doesn't have children who can support her. When her parents died, her brother started to try supporting her but this was difficult because he was struggling to provide for his own family. She feels like a burden to him adding to the responsibility. She normally stays at home alone not asking anyone for help because she feels like a burden. She hasn't had a functioning wheelchair for years so has been very isolated: "I am very happy today for the support given to me, it is going to support me for going to Church, hospital, social gatherings, market, visiting my friends and many other things that were impossible are now possible. May God bless you abundantly' .


Thank you for your continued support to make this happen - we couldn't do it without you! We will continue to share these distribution updates on our website and social media each week.