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Running a hospital with no fuel - A call to pray

Many of you will have been made aware through our social media and other news that the situation in Haiti has once again escalated in the last few weeks.  

The recent deterioration in Haiti comes following another national fuel shortage caused by low cash reserves and supplies, and a significant fuel debt estimated by some to be as high as $130m (4 weeks ago).  Petrol stations have run dry leaving the population without any fuel, a significant challenge when only about 20% of the country have access to centralised Government power.  The rest of the country, whether it be schools, businesses or hospitals, rely on generator power which obviously requires fuel.  

Whilst HHA have strived over the years to become as self sustainable as possible through solar power, the size of our hospital still currently necessitates a few large generators to aid our operations at night time.  Regrettably, despite the very best efforts of our local team, the hospital is now dangerously close to completely running out.  Its own reserves ended yesterday and we now rely completely on the assistance of others in the region.  We give thanks that today an additional 120 gallons has been found for the hospital, but not without risk.

There is a much deeper rooted level of anger amongst Haitians at the moment, that goes beyond the fuel crisis.  According to the Miami Herald; 'Inflation is almost at 20 percent annually. The Gross Domestic Product is growing at less than 1.5 percent and corruption is rampant. The combination of problems has put Haiti in free fall.'  This, alongside mounting political tensions between opposition parties, has lead to widespread protests and road blocks on the streets.  Our own drivers are facing confrontation by protesters when they do find fuel, leading to a call for police escorts on future trips.  

We are humbled and inspired by the courage of our staff who yet again put others before themselves.  Needless to say, running a hospital with no power at night will have a significant impact on our vital services, whether that be our neonatal unit for premature babies or emergency surgeries.  The leadership team have already cut power to non-essential areas of the hospital and will continue to do everything within their power to overcome these challenges. 

And so, we would ask for you to stand with them and offer your prayerful support

  • Please pray for the safety of our staff as they search for fuel and for Gods provision so that the hospitals key services can stay open
  • Please pray for a resolution to the current fuel shortage so schools and key public services can re-open
  • Please pray for peace and stability across the country as political tensions rise and protests increase

Whilst this is another challenge for us to overcome, we remain committed and passionate to continue providing the lifesaving care still so desperately needed.

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