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Double Your Donations Today!

Maison de Benediction 100% MATCH FUND!

While much of our attention has understandably been in response to the earthquake in recent weeks, we also wanted to share a very special announcement on how you can help get MdB, our respite centre for children with disabilities, back open full time! 
  • Sadly, due to financial challenges and COVID19, we had to make the difficult decision to reduce MdB's operational time by 50% in 2020 having a big impact on the children and their families.
  • Over a year later, the children are still only receiving two weeks of respite care a month, rather than four.
  • We are excited to announce we one of our supporters has kindly pledged a 100% MATCH FUND for all new regular donors of MdB!
  • Thanks to your support during this appeal so far, we have generated enough funds to open MdB full time until the end of next year. This is fantastic news and something to be celebrated! However we are still in need of more regular donors to sustain this great work long term. 
  • If we can secure 44 new regular MdB donors providing a monthly gift of £30 (that's only £1 per day), these gifts will double to £60 per month meaning we can re-open MdB back to full time in 2022 and beyond.

If you’d like to become a BENI sponsor today, or would like more information about what your donation can achieve, please click below: