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This year, our NICU unit celebrated its 9th anniversary and the team celebrated this fantastic milestone with some well-deserved cake and bubbles. Even after 9 years, the situation across Haiti for mothers and babies is still often more painful than we could imagine. Yet, your support is generating great hope for many communities, and providing a new opportunity for many thousands of women and babies in the future to receive the support, love and care they require.

In April 2020, a mother-of-two came into HCBH at around 2am with severe lower stomach pains and minor bleeding. Overcome with worry about this bleeding whilst pregnant, a specialist nurse was called to assist the young woman. This nurse had faced situations like this before, and she immediately attended to the mother and started the procedure to get the baby out whilst it was still safe to do so. After calling for help from additional healthcare care professionals on duty, the team managed to stop the bleeding and deliver the baby safely. After many hours of stress and worry, the new Mum (to a baby girl) said she felt 'relieved and blessed to have a new born amongst the family. Thank you HCBH and maternity nurses'. 

We can't explain how grateful we are that you continue to support us, so that we can share life-saving stories like this and keep these vital services available to HCBH.

We hope this update will inspire you, and remind you of the real difference you have made to mothers and babies in some of the poorest communities in Haiti. Here's to the next 9 years!