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Meet M, a soccer player from Bourne (North East Haiti). In 2019, M was in the Dominican Republic coming back from a soccer match and was in a car accident with 7 other people. 6 of these passengers tragically lost their lives, and M was the only one that survived the accident. When he woke up he was in a hospital in St. Domingue and couldn't feel or move anything from the waist down due to his spinal cord injury. He stayed in the hospital in the DR receiving medical treatment until February 2020 but then had to return to Haiti due to financial reasons. He heard about the Rehab Centre at HCBH (our partner hospital) from a friend who had been in a motor accident and came to the centre for therapy. M has been at our inpatient rehabilitation centre for 3 months now. He has numbness and tingling in his legs and very delayed reactions due to the severity of his injuries.  With therapy, M is now independent with in bed mobility - able to transition from laying in bed to sitting up without assistance. 

Thanks to your support, M is continuing to receive the very best treatment at HCBH and has recently received a new wheelchair! Our professional team continue to aid M and are currently working on being able to transfer from the bed to his wheelchair independently. Please continue to keep M in your thoughts and prayers as he continues his recovery journey 💙