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The Road to the Marathon

On 22nd April Clive Horner, our Chair of Trustees, will be attempting the London Marathon for the first time. He’s been raising much needed money for Hope Health Action but there’s still time to support him further. We thank him so much for his dedication and wish him the very best of luck for the big day. Here are a few words from Clive about how he got into running and how you can support him:

‘Two years ago, I began a journey to compete in the London Marathon on 22nd April 2018.  Of course, I didn’t expect this outcome really when I started.  

When you say that you are running in a Marathon people are usually astonished saying “I couldn’t even run for a bus! “Well I too had not run since school 50 years ago so chasing buses has not ever been an option.

In April 2016 however, I joined the Zero to Hero (Z2H) runners in Norman Park, Bromley.  The leaders had won a Bromley Mums award for beginning the running group.  Starting with walking, over the nine-week course, we were encouraged to learn to run. In July 2016 I ran the 5k Bromley Park Run in 32 minutes and felt a real sense of achievement.

Each week since then I have been running with the Z2H group.

On reaching a notable birthday last September I realised that if I was ever going to run a marathon then this was going to have to be the year.  In November I was surprised and shocked to receive a place in the London Marathon.

The reason to run is to support Hope Health Action and raise £5k for additional neonatal equipment for the hospital in Haiti.

Please support me and contribute whatever you can.

Oh and look out for me in the race….. light blue shirt with CLIVE on the front.   Finishing in a about 5 hours, God willing.’