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Groundbreaking Infrastructure Projects in East Africa

Written by Phil McRae, EA Field Operations Coordinator

Spring has been a very busy time here in East Africa for many reasons, but most of all because of three big infrastructure projects that are underway: a new staff accommodation block, a wheelchair storage facility, and a new borehole and water distribution system.

The new staff accommodation will allow us to give every staff member their own room. Since we opened the centre in 2021 we have not just grown, but flourished. In the last month alone we saw more than 100 people across all of our areas of expertise. That growth has required more staff and there are now over 20 on the team, which is beyond capacity for the current accommodation that is designed to serve just 12. Not only that, this new block will have accessible rooms available for beneficiaries who need to stay overnight when receiving care. With such large distances to cover, more accommodation will surely help us to reach more beneficiaries.



Thanks to our friends at the Walkabout Foundation, we received 600 wheelchairs, trikes and hand bikes last year. However, we didn't have a space to store them securely and keep them in great condition. This newly constructed storage facility will house all of these and future wheelchairs, trikes, and bikes, and serve as a workshop area for the team.



The new borehole, drilled down 250 feet into the ground, will reduce the burden on the existing water system and provide a constant supply of clean, fresh water for New Hope Disability Center and the surrounding community. This means that not only will our staff and beneficiaries see (rather, drink) the benefits, but our neighboring health facility (International Rescue Committee Hospital), its 200 staff and patients. 



We have been blessed by many kind, thoughtful and generous donors who have given across many areas of our service. These projects are a direct result of this generosity, and will positively impact thousands and thousands of people for years and years to come.