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More equipment for the East Africa team thanks to the 'Little by Little' Campaign

Thanks to the incredibly successful 'Little by Little' fundraising campaign, which ran in September last year, we’ve been able to buy some simple items for the East Africa team that really are making a tangible difference. Long term HHA volunteer, Phil, is currently looking after Field Operations in East Africa for us and was able to bring most of the items (many of which are tricky to get in-country) from the UK. We were also able to get a few things locally with all of it already going a long way towards improving the wellbeing of our staff and beneficiaries and making our projects more effective and efficient!

Phil said: “Though these items may seem small, they really do make a difference to the day-to-day of our staff and beneficiaries. Viola and John, the cooks at our centres in BidiBidi  and Kajo-Keji, now have oven gloves so that they can lift hot pots safely; the teams also now have wall calendars so they can plan their work… These are things that we might take for granted, but they go a long way in under-resourced settings.”

A few more of the things we’ve bought that have made a real difference…

Battery chargers - enabling us to keep vital equipment (like blood pressure machines, thermometers and calculators) working, even with limited access to electricity

Zip ties - helping our technicians to make specialised adaptations to wheelchairs, to make sure that beneficiaries are comfortable and well-seated, and most importantly to help avoid pressure sores 

Footballs and coloured chalks - for students at Amazing Grace School

LED light strips - used for our sensory classroom at Amazing Grace and in New Hope Rehabilitation Centre BidiBidi - to create safe, inclusive and educational spaces for children and adults with disabilities

Post-partum maternity pads - to provide dignity to new mothers at our clinic in South Sudan

Coloured chopping boards - to help improve food hygiene standards in our staff kitchens in both BidiBidi and Kajo-Keji

Safety glasses and ‘quality’ power tools for our workshop, where we custom-make prosthetics and orthotics

Brackets and wallplugs (particularly difficult to buy in-country) that enabled us to construct shelves in our pharmacy in Kajo-Keji - keeping the space organised and tidy!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this campaign making the purchase of these small, but hugely important, items possible.