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Let's not forget about the men

While hearing about all HHA is involved in, you might wonder, where are we having the opportunity to encounter any men? We are involved in community health projects, maternal child health initiatives, NICU, disability care, etc. But did you know that, for the past 3 years, we have hosted a Men’s Conference?

Men make up roughly 49% of the Haiti’s population. Which means, by focusing on women and children issues, we are only reaching 51% of the population. So what about the young men, the Papas, and Grandfathers that are living amongst family? How are we educating and empowering them? Culturally in Haiti, men are typically the decision makers for their families. So by not including them in educational sessions and women’s advocacy discussions, we are missing nearly half of the population.

Luckily for HHA, we have a yearly Men’s Conference included in our Department for International Development in the UK grant! This includes men from our target areas, where women are participating in Women’s Groups, pregnant women and children are being seen in Mobile Clinics, and Community Health Agents are educating and vaccinating the population. These same women and children are getting to send their Dads, Granddads, and brothers to this Men’s Conference.

For the third year in a row, our Community Health Agents take people from their areas and bring them to this conference. Discussions include childbirth, facility-based care, family planning, healthy relationships and marriage, and even breastfeeding! Whew! 

And this year we had more than 450 attendees!

We have loved hosting and taking part in this event and are so thankful for partners like Dr. Toussaint, Dr. Gennet, Dr. Mesadieu, Pastor Yousvel Lormeus, Pastor Julien, and even HHA’s own Bill Lovett for sharing their wisdom and expertise with all of us.

While only lasting one day, we believe the Men’s Conference can help creating stronger leaders and healthier families. By not forgetting that vital part of families and by not forgetting to include the men.