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Have you ever met those people who immediately put you at ease? We here at HCBH have the pleasure of having just such a person as the head OB-GYN. His name is Dr. Genet.

I had the fun chance to observe and learn from Dr. Genet this week, watching him do ultrasounds and prenatal consultations. He puts women immediately at ease with his dashing smile, and never approaches a consultation in a hurried manner. After seeing a few patients, Dr. Genet walked out of the room to speak with a resident, and I had the chance to speak to a woman he was consulting. She is 40 weeks pregnant.

She has one living son- he is 11 and a joy; he loves school and soccer. She has also experienced the sadness of losing four children. Let me repeat that; four children.

One she miscarried around 4 months. One was stillborn. One died at 9 months old after being born premature and struggling most of his short life. The last died at birth. She went to a government hospital to deliver her baby, after her water had broken at home. Her water broke at 5 AM, she arrived at the hospital one hour later. She didn't even see a physician until almost 4 PM, sitting in the waiting area. When she was finally shown a room, she failed to progress, and was left in labour until she delivered a stillborn at 3 PM the following day.

It is very dangerous to deliver at home' she told me seriously.'Especially when you have had difficulties in the past,' I responded. Four babies. I can't even wrap my mind around it.

 Dr. Genet returned to the room, and shortly after ended this consultation. As she was getting ready to leave, he calmly reminded her when to come to the hospital and assured her everything was looking as planned. She hopes to welcome a little girl into her family any day now!

 We are so grateful for people like Dr. Genet who, just last night, performed 4 c-sections and delivered 1 other baby in the maternity ward. Then, after a few short hours of sleep, returned to greet the line of pregnant women, anxiously waiting to been seen. He has been so specifically gifted for the work he does here. And we are so thankful.