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Providing rough-terrain, locally repairable wheelchairs to restore dignity, freedom and independence



Why we’re working together

Within the 156 developing countries in the world, it is estimated that at least 2% (around 122 million people) require a wheelchair, of which less than 10% have access to one. In Haiti, people with disabilities are among the most vulnerable, with conditions prohibiting their independence, and access to key services such as education and healthcare, which prevents them from being a part of the community.
Walkabout Foundation’s mission is to restore dignity, freedom and independence by providing rough-terrain, locally repairable wheelchairs in developing countries around the world. Hope Health Action has partnered with Walkabout in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake and more recently in East Africa. Together we have distributed almost 1,500 wheelchairs transforming thousands of lives.

This global strategic partnership combines HHA’s expertise in facilitating sustainable and innovative healthcare and Walkabout’s knowledge of global wheelchair distribution services.


 Partnership Start Date: 2010

Country of impact: Haiti and Uganda

Lives impacted: 1,500+


What we’re doing

Walkabout Foundation and HHA strongly believe that everyone should have access to the dignity, freedom and independence that mobility brings. During 2021, we are building a brand new HHA Walkabout Distribution Centre in Haiti, which will provide locals with a regular and sustainable supply of wheelchairs, transforming hundreds of lives every year. The centre will become the single largest wheelchair provider in the country, acting as a regional hub for the Caribbean and Latin America. This partnership will see local wheelchair riders being hired to assemble and distribute a minimum of 900 wheelchairs every year whilst also training local staff to conduct maintenance and repairs to World Health Organisation standards. This will create lasting, sustainable change across Haiti.

“Hope Health Action is delighted to have partnered with Walkabout Foundation on this exciting new project that will transform the lives of thousands of people across Haiti in the coming years. This is the country's first national wheelchair distribution facility that will tackle a critical national need and transform rehabilitation efforts across Haiti. Opening this new wheelchair distribution centre is a major step forward in fulfilling our joint dream to ensure everyone in Haiti who needs a wheelchair, can have access to one. We cannot wait to see the incredible impact this new collaboration will have, overcoming one of Haiti’s most critical service gaps in supporting persons with disabilities.” - Carwyn Hill, CEO and Co-Founder, Hope Health Action.