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Supporting a vast range of neonatal services, ensuring the world’s poorest have access to life-saving healthcare


The majority of global infant deaths occur in the developing world, most caused by preventable health situations. Haiti has the highest rate of infant mortality in the western hemisphere. 1 in 39 babies won’t survive their first month and those born prematurely only have a 50% chance of survival. We support the running and development of community health programmes and a leading hospital in North Haiti, which employs 270 Haitian staff and treats over 20,000 patients a year.

Neonatal Care:

HHA support one of the leading paediatric and neonatal units in North Haiti, a 30+ bed facility helping to reduce infant mortality rates. Babies born prematurely or critically sick are brought from miles around to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Being one of very few NICUs in North Haiti, the need for such a specialist facility is very high. With so many babies requiring care at any one time, the unit is regularly operating beyond its capacity. HHA has plans to extend the unit to provide even better care for sick babies.

Project Start Date: 2012

Safe Births: 1600+ each year

Lives impacted: 621 Babies discharged from the NICU in the last year