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 Working in BidiBidi refugee settlement to provide wheelchairs and mobility aids to the most vulnerable



Why we’re working together

Through the Roof is a Christian disability charity that changes the lives of disabled people around the world and helps others to change lives too.

There are 1 billion disabled people living in the world today, and 12 million in the UK (18% of the population). Statistics show that globally a disabled person is more likely to live in poverty and isolation and to be a victim of crime and discrimination. They are less likely to be in employment and have less access to education, transport, appropriate housing and the internet. The cost of bringing up a disabled child is three times greater than bringing up a non-disabled child (Scope).

They aim to seek and make a positive difference to the lives of disabled people and their families by providing life-changing opportunities for disabled people and equipping the Christian community to fully involve disabled people


 Partnership Start Date: 2019

Country of impact: Uganda

Lives impacted: 500+


What we’re doing

HHA and Through The Roof have partnered for over 3 years, providing over 250 wheelchairs, multiple walking aids and hundreds of mobility devices to individuals in Uganda.


More than 200,000 refugees live in BidiBidi which is one of the largest refugee settlements in the world. Those living there with disabilities face enormous challenges including very little access to auxiliary devices, physiotherapy or community support and many face discrimination within society.  

Between  February and March 2021, we worked with Through the Roof and their support team of remote therapists and technicians to provide over 250 wheelchairs and other mobility devices to people with disabilities in BidiBidi. The remote support team worked with our local team giving consultations online. The project not only provided over 250 people with mobility aids but also served as a long training programme for the team.

We have been truly humbled by the inspiring stories that we have heard, and know that our supporters donations have truly changed the lives of many. Read some of our latest beneficiary stories here.